I don’t remember where he originated.  He was a character in one of the potato-chip (you can’t just eat one) books that I like to read.

In the book, Frank-the-Mechanic was a retired assassin who gets sucked back up in leftovers from his previous life.  He was a super-casual sort of businessman who had a number of interests that he kept up, all of them suitable as a single career.  He did each one – a little bit every day to move each project forward.  And he was most excellent at everything he did.

It was a good story, but it was Frank I fell in love with.  I keep him in my head as a role model.  “What would Frank-the-Mechanic do?”  It helps me stay on top of the myriad details of my life and, when I get it right, the day ends well for me.

I do a little of each thing I do as well as I can every day.  Some days I can do it well; some days, not so much.  But the weight of all those itty-bitty little things done on all of those days does add up to a whole pile of something, a lot of which I like.

On my good days it feels like I am working with the Creative to help my Millenium Falcon fly….and that is a good thing.

And then there are the days when the one thing I’m doing eats the whole day and a lot of the night as well.  One time I told myself I was just going to work on a little blog post – a small story that was part of an epic tale of traveling between Nepal and China to Lhasa when the border was just being opened.  (It was one of the Light of My Life’s stories.)

I had other things to do, after all.  The palm leaves that passing tropical storms dropped needed to be hauled off to the compost heap.  The bamboo and the false ‘awa, two rapacious patches of wild and free plants, were encroaching again.  I needed to get a bunch of little nit-noy stuff set up for my property management gig.  ARGH!

I got so caught up in the tale I just kept going and going and going.  I ended up with four long blog posts with pictures and so on and so forth.  I also blew off work in the yard and work on a number of other projects, none of which was particularly pressing.

So it goes sometimes.

I got on the other stuff the following day and in the next days after and it all eventually got done.

One of my favorite, pertinent quotes about all this is from English comedian Russell Brand:  One day at a time.  It sounds so simple.  It actually is simple but it isn’t easy.  It requires incredible support and fastidious structuring.


Here’s a poem….


Universe always gives you what you want

It usually comes one day after you can’t stand the waiting any more.


What are you grumbling for?  Ambiguity is good for you and balancing on cliff edges is

Exhilarating…if you can stand the height.


Listen to the grass blade underneath that rock

Pushing, twisting, bending, finding the light…and making the concrete crack.


And watch the baby wobbling on unstable legs,

One step, fall, up again; two steps, fall, up again; three steps….well, you get the picture.


Pay attention to water weaving through a stream bed,

Seeking ways over, around, under, past, and through…and through.


Think about the wind gently, gently pushing against stone,

And think about mountains twisted into eerie spires and fantastic gyres.


Old truths repeated one too many times become clichés,

And very often “trite” means “old” and “trite” means “true”….

by Netta Kanoho

picture credit:  Two-Handed by Daniel Incandela (images courtesy of Jean Damon) via Flickr.  [CC BY-NC 2.0]



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    1. Daniel, thanks for sharing the image. It is perfect, I think!

  1. Dave Sweney says:

    This was a very creative way to make your point! Frank the mechanic sounds very much like a person I also would want to emulate…

    What I also noticed with your story and poem is that the second point you bring up is that things happen to those who persevere but do not stress out too much…

    Valuable lessons for us all, I think you are spot on…Live your passion, enjoy the journey, do not give up, move forward…

    Much as the water does in that stream you mention, there is always a way…Thanks for the inspiration – I needed it about now!

    1. Hey Dave:

      Thanks for the visit and your comments. Please do come again!

  2. This is really motivating and I will bookmark this page for future reference so that whenever I feel like giving up on anything I really want to do. It is true that we are always on cliff edges especially when you want something so bad and it becomes extremely difficult to be patient.
    However after reading this and other motivational books you do get some hope within you and it helps you get stronger!

    1. Hey Shrey…

      Thanks for the visit and the comments. Please do come again….

  3. It’s so nice to learn from a successful person’s life.

    I like the poem up there. It’s so true and reminds me to stand up on my feet and not worry about the future. The future has it owns secrets. I will learn from all the mistakes, start doing my best today and never give up.

    Thank you for making this article. I enjoyed it. It’s so motivating.

    1. Satria: Thank you for your visit and your comments. I do appreciate them. Please do come again….

  4. Tyler Redlev says:

    This post is so inspiring! And Frank-the-Mechanic actually sounds like John Wick to me 🙂

    It’s true that the whole thing is actually pretty easy. One day at a time but the hard thing is to structurize it and keep with it without getting frustrated.

    Great poem by the way 🙂 Grass can crack the concrete and water can penetrate marble. It’s al about time and consistency!

    1. Hey Tyler:

      Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I do appreciate it.  You’re right that structure and beating back the frustration is the hard part!  We go on…

      Please come again!

  5. You have a very interesting site here I love poems. Your site is good but you need a translation button in there. I am English and some I had a problem reading. The only thing to change was that. Once again I really enjoyed your site!

    1. Hey Leah:

      Thanks for your visit and your suggestion. I’ll work on it.

  6. Leah Nault says:

    Really enjoyed your site I love poems the only thing that could be changed is a translation button. I hope you come up with more poems. Once again you have a very good site keep up the work. You have a great introduction, your about-me-page is good and privacy page is good so I don’t think you have change much.

    1. Hey Leah:  

      Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I do appreciate it.  

      Please do come again….

  7. Selenity Jade says:

    I like the poem! I’m unfamiliar with the Frank-the-Mechanic character, but that sounds a little like what I try (and not very well) to do. Getting things done can be a challenge if you have a lot of projects going.

    I find myself sucked into projects that takes up my whole day as well and then wonder where the time went! I’m unfortunately not able to do a little bit on each thing as well as Frank. Though I sometimes think I do. So I totally get how writing for a blog post means all the other work gets ignored. Maybe tomorrow?

    Thanks for the motivational post! 

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Selenity Jade.  It is always a challenge to do a little bit, little bit, little bit when you’ve got lots and lots of projects.  I’m still learning how my own self.

      Please do come again.  

  8. Samuel Edelfelt says:

    This was very inspirational. I loved reading about Frank the mechanic. It sounds like he lived a very wild life. Even was an assassins wow.

    I checked out other posts here and love the poems. I hope other poem lovers find this website! What an amazing idea for a website. I look forward to future poems from here.

    1. Samuel, thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      Please come again.

  9. Emmanuel Emmato says:

    Great article I enjoyed reading it.  I had to bookmark this page so I can come back. 

    Your poems are really meaningful though.  You are supposed to be a songwriter to an artist like Beyonce that sings meaninful songs

    The book Frank The Mechanic I have not read it yet but will surely do so. 

    You are a great writer.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Emmanuel.  I do appreciate them.

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