Over the course of a journey that started over twenty years ago, I worked on building a mindset that would take me to a life that was filled with meaning and mana (inherent power and presence).  You can find out more about it in the ABOUT section of this blog.


  • HOME — the whole megillah
    • POEM VAULT – a page listing all my poems that I threw into this thing and the posts in which they reside
    • NAVIGATION NOTES – this listing of what you can expect to find in this thing
    • INNER PEACE SYMPTOMS — The Stack — a page listing the Inner Peace Symptoms I’ve recorded over time as I keep on doing my dance


  • DOIN’ THE TIME – training exercises for making the building blocks you can use to build an effective mindset for getting to the life you want to live
    • SKILLFUL MEANS posts are about time-tested strategies and tactics for achieving mastery and mindsets that foster achievement. They are about productivity and better ways to do the things you do as well as ways to keep on doing them too.
    • MAKING TIME BIG posts look at strategies, techniques and mindsets that help you manage your time and your energy so you can make the most effective use of these resources.  Some of the posts address how you can deal with your natural impatience and restlessness as well as the stress and overwhelm that can result when you try to compress time and make it smaller.
    • ARTFUL DODGING posts highlight stances and techniques that foster creativity and self-expression. They celebrate process and learning to sing your own heartsong better.


  • LIFE NOTES – riding the Ho’o-Cycle
    • FLOW WITH YOUR GO  – Somehow, the old admonition to “go with the flow” has always struck me as a strategy more suited for a dead fish.  These posts look at how you can suss out your own “yes” responses to the world and encourage you to go do that instead.
    • DO WHAT YOU CAN – The Corvid-19 pandemic response has had adverse effects on all of us humans.  Sometimes, it’s the default truth:  When you can’t do what you want, you do what you can.  And if you help your neighbor, then, hey, maybe your neighbor will be there for you too.  Resilience in a community always is about pulling together and not doing tug of war.  You get more done that way.
    • BEYOND STUFF LOVE – Our post-modern world sure is hyper-materialistic.  These posts look at other ways of getting to joy.
    • IPS (INNER PEACE SYMPTOMS) – These posts are a manifestation of playing with building aphorisms and epithets. They are expansions of the pithy observations I posted for years on my Facebook page that contain a lot of finger-pointing towards ways to get to inner peace…a worthy goal, I’ve always thought.
    • UN-SEEING posts are reminders that each of us lives in a unique world that we make up. The posts start from the premise that you will see what you believe.  The corollary to that is that the story you make in the world grows out of what you see (and what you believe).  It do go ’round and round.
    • WALK YOUR TALK posts are about authenticity and making your walk congruent with your own self-definition.
    • GETTING TO ENOUGH posts address issues like abundance and lack. You’ll be encouraged to ponder on what “enough” looks like to you.  Then you can ask the Universe for just that.  As a bonus, maybe you’ll even recognize your “enough” when you get there.  Maybe you’ll be able to stop dancing and striving and climbing before you fall off a cliff or go down a pothole or something.
    • ONLY CONNECT posts are about the moves and means that allow you to connect with others. They are about finding and expanding your tribe as well as about dealing with the folks who wander through your life in ways that work better for everyone concerned.
    • TAO-DANCING: Embracing Change – These posts introduce strategies, techniques and tactics for initiating and dealing with change and for maintaining your own unique balance in this ever-changing world.
    • HAWAIIAN-STYLE posts talk about the stances and premises underlying a number of concepts that Hawaiians accept as givens.  I find I am happiest when I can live Hawaiian-Style.  For me it works more often than not.  Maybe it will work like that for you too.


  • FRIENDLY FIRES. – The posts in this section of the blog are observations, stories and field notes that I’m still collecting.
    • BODY MOVES – stories and commentary about people and organizations who work their bodies.  Gardening is in here and so are the performing arts and other body-things.  I do believe our bodies have their own kind of intelligence.
    • HAND JIVE – stories and commentary about artists and craftsmen and other Makers
    • JAMMIN’ THE AIRWAVES – stories and commentary about musicians, music, television, theater and film, among other things.
    • STORYTELLING AND POETRY – I do believe in the power of the Word.  Storytelling, poetry and writing are ways we humans can tap into that.
    • GUEST AND FEATURED POETS – works by guest poets and others that I think are cool.
    • LIFE-BIZ – stories and commentaries about entrepreneurs and other people who build better lives with their businesses and other organizations and endeavors.  They’re trying to make a dent in the world.  More power to them, I say!
    • TRENDS – stories about how the Creative and connection between us humans are nurtured and nourished and how the world is faring on this adventure of ours.


  • GUEST POET PORTAL – an invitation for you to come and play



Header picture credit:  “Compass Study” by Calsidyrose via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]



4 thoughts on “NAVIGATION NOTES

  1. All of this is new to me lol. But I got excited when I saw the Guest Poet Portal where poems could be shared. I think that’s a cool idea cause we sometimes carry so much insight about specific areas of life that could bring inspiration to others. I’ve always loved writing but haven’t done so in a while. I’m eager to get back to it and possibly be back to share some poetry here soon 🙂

    1. Hey Yemi:  

      Thank you for your visit.  I look forward to seeing your poetry.  Please do come again….

  2. I enjoyed your post about the universe giving exactly what you ask for. Interesting comments that make you examine what it is you are asking for and the consequences and ramifications of getting it.
    What is displaced when you receive it etc?….. really makes you stop and think about what you are asking for and why.

    1. Hey Ann:  Thanks for the visit and for your comment.  Obviously, you explored the “About” page and the various pages about the Ho’o-Cycle. Thank you!

      Asking yourself what you are really asking for (and why), as the Ho’opuleo’o page explains, is a most important component of this journey each of us are making.

      Please do come again….

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