HO’OPAEPAE means “to make a foundation”.

“Ho’opaepae” – to build a foundation

The posts in this category are reminders that every good construct – a poem, a story, a house, a business, a life – needs a solid foundation.

Even if you build magnificent castles in the air, they are really not comfortable places for living and working until you can drag them down to the ground and anchor them to a solid foundation.

Building Castles in the Sky by Michael Curi via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

These posts are about gaining the skills that are worthwhile developing so you can walk better in the World.

Some of the themes that arise during this phase are addressed as follows:


  • navigating in the world and achieving mastery
  • mindsets that foster achievement
  • left-brained stuff – organizing, goal-setting, measuring gains and losses
  • the importance of doing
  • doing the One-Step
  • focus, attention


  • fostering creativity and dreams
  • different styles of intelligence
  • right-brained stuff – heartsongs, originality, curiosity, openness, intuition
  • importance of process
  • art, music, dance, performance and other Maker topics
  • using writing and poetry to gain insights


  • connecting to others, aloha
  • community-building and belonging, finding your tribe
  • communication, listening
  • respect for others, tolerance
  • doing good
  • dealing with anger and conflict
  • feelings – yours and other people’s
Header picture credit:  “Haku Lei” by Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]