Ho’opuleo’o” means “to make (an) effective prayer.”


“Ho’opuleo’o” — to make an effective prayer (visioning)


Before you do anything else (as my Papa always told me), it’s a good thing to talk to your Spirits.. Doesn’t matter what you call them:  God, the Creative, angels, ancestors, whatever….

If “talking to your Spirits” is a big turn-off for you, you might prefer sticking a different label on it, like this one:

A Different Label


I like to call this process “praying” because, hey, it’s a big ole Universe out there and us Dancers are little guys.  We can use all the help we can get!. (I like to think there are all kinds of help out there in the Universe.)

Making an effective prayer, i.e., developing a vision that can actually be realized, basically means knowing what you want.

You see, as many wise guys have pointed out through the ages, the Universe will give you EXACTLY what you ask for…consequences, ramifications, nuances and all.

The problem you face whenever you decide to ask the Universe for something is knowing what it really is that you are asking for as well as understanding where this thing you want could take you.

Making an effective prayer (or finding a vision to pursue) is a time of answering some heavy-duty questions, like:

  • Are my motivations correct?
  • What sort of displacements will happen in my life to make room for this thing I want to happen?
  • What is its value? What do I gain?
  • What is its cost? What do I lose?

Sometimes when you make an especially effective prayer, you’ll end up in the Elysian fields, romping around with little gods and them.  Other times you’ll end up stuck in a tar pit with dire wolves circling around you.

It happens.  Visioning and making prayers can be risky business.

The posts ask:

  • What are you seeing?
  • Does what you are seeing align with what you think you believe?
  • Are the things you see helping you to build the story in which you want to live?

“That Is the Question” by Alan Levine via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]
If you answered ‘no’ to the last two questions, maybe you need to look at the beliefs you are holding.  Maybe you need to find new beliefs.  (Just sayin’.)

In the blog, the posts that arise out of the HO’OPULEO’O phase of the Ho’o-Cycle tend to follow certain themes.  The lists below might help you find the ones that are of interest:


  • abundance/lack
  • trusting yourself
  • “I am enough”
  • meaning and value
  • being kind to yourself
  • nurturing yourself


  • generosity and reciprocity
  • trusting other people
  • making and fostering connection
  • gratitude, appreciation
  • kindness, compassion
  • sense of place
  • dancing to your own heartsong
  • living with heart
  • enjoying life
  • laughter


  • visioning, finding a direction
  • questioning and getting to clarity
  • different perspectives
  • beliefs and group-think vs. thinking for yourself
  • value of optimism

Mostly (I hope) the posts from this phase will make you go, hmmm….

Header picture credit:  “Haku Lei” by Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]