Everybody says it.  It’s probably even true:  “Writers write.”  They write because they can’t NOT write.  The whole not-writing thing is unsatisfactory.  They feel unsettled if they don’t capture the thoughts they think somehow….

And the best thing about writing, of course, is having written.  Then you can go do other things.

So…you want to be a Writer?  Write.  Every day.  Write.  You don’t have to use high-falutin’ words.  You can make lists.  You can make notes to yourself or to somebody else.  You can look at the world around you and check out what everybody else is doing, and then you can write.  You can unpack your head and look at all the stuff seething in there and then…write.

I’ll let you in on a little secret:  If you’re a poet, you don’t even have to be grammatical.  You just have to make sense and that’s a way bigger thing than grammar.

You don’t need special equipment.  You don’t need the latest and greatest technology.  Writing’s been around for about as long as Jane in the Jungle needed to leave a message for her Georgie.  You have to know that all she had was a stick and some dirt, probably.

So…what are you waiting for, Writer?  Write.

Here’s another poem….


Words are doorways into worlds, you know.

They can kidnap people and plunk them down

Into strange and different,

Where nothing is as you thought it was

And nobody knows your name.


It can get really scary, you know,

And, mostly, people fight against

This violation of the how-they-see-it

With other words as shields and spears and swords,

Making declarations, explanations

Reinforcing walls they already have.


And that only makes more words.

Nobody gets anywhere

When the words fly around like those little gnats

That swarm around bare lightbulbs.

The words get blasted by the heat

And they litter the light fixture covers

Like piles of dead soldiers.


But, did you know this?

If you grab onto the words

And wrestle them into neat and concise formations,

You can make bridges that take you

Over the gap between one world and the next.

Sometimes, people will come and cross over.


And then you’ve got a playmate.

And that’s a very good thing.

By Netta Kanoho

photo credit:  Kathryn Decker [CC BY 2.0]



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18 thoughts on “WRITERS WRITE

  1. Very interesting post about writers writing. It did wake some thoughts in my mind…

    When I was about 7 years old I wanted to be a writer and in fact, I did write some novels (how wonderful it was when last year my friend did bring me a novel that I had written 25 years ago and didn’t even remember that I had written it…hilarious:) )
    Then I started to write a book, I still remember its name: A train trip to Vladivostock. Unfortunately, I could not finish it. Maybe I thought that if I was meant to be a writer writing should be easy and because it wasn’t I gave up.
    Afterwards, I have learned that many things can be learned with perseverance even if you are not talented…
    What do you think, is becoming a writer some kind of “calling” and necessitates talent or is a passion for writing enough?

    Great poem by the way!

    1. Hey Maria: Thanks for the visit. I’ve always felt that a passion for writing is absolutely essential. Passion gets you through the early drafts and the later drafts and the still-later drafts until the durned thing is DONE.

      I love your story about the friend who kept your novel for you. How fun!

      My own thought about the “calling” thing is this: many are called; few listen…. That makes it a heck of a lot easier for the rest of us!

      — Netta

  2. Hello, and than you for your post. Writers sometimes write and sometimes they get away from writing. I was an avid writer through school, but then I got it away from writing for many years. It was always inside me, waiting to come back out, that burning desire to write. To share my viewpoint with the world. I have recently started writing again, and it feels like I never stopped. It is a wonderful feeling as you know, very liberating one might say. Keep putting out your wonderful poetry, it Rocks!
    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the visit and for the encouragement, Johnny. It’s good you’re getting back to writing your own self…

      All the best…

  3. As an aspiring writer I think this is brilliantly said. Indeed; a writer writes, a singer sings, a chef cooks, an accountant adores maths. You are what you love in my books. Check out my blog below for some of my poems and posts!

    1. Hey Zarina:

      Thanks for the visit and your comments. Please do come again!

  4. Jagi Egnell says:

    I love the poem. As you say poems don’t necessarily have to make sense, they just have to lead the reader down a road of understanding. Writers write just because they want to. I myself am a writer and enjoy writing not only on my blog but in my journal as well. Writing helps me understand what is going on. Many people prefer watching video tutorials, I prefer reading written tutorials. Just something about the word that gets into the mind.

    1. I agree, Jagi!  Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.

      Please do come again….

  5. I loved this poem! Communication is such a vital tool we all need to connect, work together, and understand each other. I also agree that as a write it is very hard not to write, and honestly, I can’t figure out how others can get through this great big world without writing. 

    1. Thanks for the visit and your comment, Clare.  I do agree!

      Please do come again….

  6. Babsie Wagner says:

    I thought this article was going to be about suicide when I saw the note left by Dad in the picture at the top.  He wasn’t the best speller, lol, but it looked like he was saying good-bye to everyone like he was going to take his life, so I was expecting a completely different type of article.  Being a writer myself, I have to say I was happy the article was actually about writing and taking people to other places, etc.  

  7. Kehinde Segun says:

    Very good post. I really enjoy reading this writers writing post. This has really helped me in shaping my mind. Truth is, when I was younger, I really wanted be writer and was gradually writing a novel. 

    My greatest lesson is you can actually be great in something even if you’re not talented but has perseverance.good write up

    1. Kehinde, thank you for the visit and for sharing your thoughts.  It’s a most important lesson:  Perseverance and working on becoming good beats out talent that doesn’t do anything every time….

      Please do come again.

  8. Writing is a very interesting topic. 

    In my head, we have layers. Now writers explore these inner layers and deliver us with the most exquisite experience. When we read what they wrote, it’s marvelous for us. 

    However, in order to end up with that deposit from which they draw out, writers spend years filling up.

    1. Abel, thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  Wonderful!  You are a poet your own self, I think.

      Please do come again.

  9. Emmanuel Emmato says:

    Hi, I love your article.  I am learning music, I am not yet a good writer. 

    The day I asked my teacher about how melodies are created he said that “Most melodic ideas come from either a chord progression or a scale, with one notable exception: chord-based melodies.”

    Some songwriters start their melody-writing process by writing a series of chord changes. They then compose melodies based on chord tones—the notes that make up each chord”. 

    I wish to make a great song in the future. 

    1. Emmanuel, thanks for your visit and for sharing your intriguing thoughts.

      It struck me that your chord-based melodies thoughts are like what the business and life-coaches say about goal-setting, in a way:  You come up with a progression of chords.  Okay, here I am at this chord.  From here, it will go to THIS chord.  And then it will go to THAT one.  Then maybe it’ll double-back to the first one, or….  Like that.

      Once you have the chords set in place, then you figure out how to get from one chord to the next.  When you get it going good, you’ve made a song.  If you do the same thing with your goals, you can get a heck of a lot of good ideas about how to get from point A to point B to point C and so on.

      Does that sound right?  

      Writing goes the same way too except with words and ideas.  You start with one idea and then you throw in several others and then you figure out how to hang the things all together until it gets all smooth. 

      If you do it right you can even get rhythm into the thing.  It really is way cool.


      Please do come again.

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