We are all of us affected by each other’s stories.  It is the way we humans connect.   All of these stories, the ones we live and the ones others live, have the power to reach into us, to allow us to build bridges.  Telling a story, writing a poem that looks at our lives and other people’s lives is like reaching out a hand in the expectation that fingers will be there waiting to slip into our own.

This action – writing down the words– takes courage.  It very often hurts and can be a very scary thing.  Taking it one step further, sharing the story with other folks, can be an act of mana and power – a magical thing.   Sharing our stories has the power to heal.  With stories we can heal ourselves and we can heal each other.

In this beautiful TED talk from the TEDGlobal 2011 stage, actor and dancer Thandie Newton tells a story about her life in a way that helps us see how we can make our own bridges with the people around us.

In my own poetry practice, I’ve reached a similar conclusion…


Every person is a story

Made up of hopes and fears,

Paths passed up and others taken,

Through the passage of the years.


Every person is a story

With lessons learned and missed,

Travails endured, and sorrows,

And every joy that forms its gist.


Every person is a story,

Full of beginnings and of ends,

And every life’s another page

In the dream that never ends.


Every person is a story

And every story is true.

The best we can do for one another

Is to remember how the other flew.

By Netta Kanoho

Header picture credit:  “Storyteller” by Hans Splinter via Flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]

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  1. This is an excellent idea! So many of us struggle with personal issues and will keep those bottled up inside until we explode. Writing about our life in the format you present gives us a way to unload and let go. I really like the poem you left about everyone having a story. Great work!

    1. Thanks for the visit and the encouragement. I hope you’ll come again….

      — Netta

  2. Thandie Newton is not only a talented actor, but also an inspirational woman. Embracing otherness is hard to do, especially at times when our egos and separate selves are at stake.

    Your poem is simple and to-the-point and encourages people to put less focus on the superficial self.

    Wonderful post! I enjoyed it very much.

    1. Thanks for the visit, Andrea. I’m glad you liked it.


  3. Matt's Mom says:

    I don’t know that I would want to share my story with others….seems pretty boring actually…. my life that is. There are a lot of interesting people who I would love to hear talk about themselves though. Where did that poem come from in your article? Was this from Thandie Newton?

    1. Hey Leahrae:

      Actually I wrote the poem my own self. And, for real, think on this: Most everybody’s life feels boring to themselves because they’re living in it and are used to it. Fish just don’t NOTICE the water they’re swimming in. Thanks for the visit.



  4. I love to hear other people’s stories. It might be sad, happy story, but one of my favourites are the ones who has a true life in them, a true lesson.

    I also love to read success stories. How a simple and regular person having nothing reached so high and changed his/her life from the background. I secretly dream to do this myself, probably that’s why I like it so much…

    I wish you all the best, Jolita

    1. Thanks, Jolita! Come visit again….I’ll try to include lots of stories!

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