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This is Fleeky ONE.

She’s an Internet buddy who grabbed my hand and enthusiastically dragged me off to play with her.  Always a grand thing, I say!

Fleeky frequents the Wealthy Affiliates platform, which is a learning place for people who spend their time poking at computer keyboards, building blogs and customer bases and all that stuff, twisting their heads around to learn to deal with all the complexities of that effort.

(Most of us who hang at Wealthy Affiliates are learning how to get a handle on affiliate-marketing and are using the incredible array of knowledge presented there by expert online marketers and a very large world-wide tribe of wanna-be financial independents to further our own runs to Rainbow’s-End.)

I told Fleeky about my “Guest Poet Portal” and extended an invitation to her to share a poem on this here blog and her response was immediate.


A Fleeky-poem appeared.  The speed of her response was awesome.  It took my breath away.

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