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Gene Belmont is another regular at the Maui Live Poets gatherings.  I especially love his story poems about the by-gone days of his raucous youth.  When I asked him for a poem that held special meaning for him, he sent me this pensive, meditative one that he had written….


I’m 82

and I’ve known

the light and dark


the light was easy

the dark was hard

and still is


but always, always

as from a candle

a little flame

in heart and mind

gives ease and guidance


when it seems the flame is out

a spark remains


I’ve said

I can’t go on

but the spark said

you can and you will

and I did and I do


I’ve said

I’m all done

but the wisp of smoke above the spark


you’re not and march on

and I wasn’t and I’m still marching


I’ve said

that life is crap

but in the dark

the oily odor of the wick


it’s not and fertilize your dreams

and it isn’t and I’ve grown



even when the flame is out

a spark remains

and pushes back the dark

Gene Belmont 2/26/2015 ©

He says, “I wrote this poem straight through in one sitting. I read it once in silence, and once again aloud. My thought was that if I fiddled with it the rhythm would be compromised. Not editing.  Unforgivable I know, but I stand fast.”

Hee!  That’s cool, Gene.  Thanks, eh!

Picture credit:  Flame by Clare Black via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

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