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My friend Carlene Greenlee sent me a couple of short poems to add to this endeavor.  Carlene lives on the Big Island (Hawai’i).

She says about them, “Both poems were influenced by feelings of love.  This old lady had no idea that being in love and ensuing heartbreak could occur at my advanced age.  These two poems represent a conduit of romance becoming heart break.  Heart ache remains an obscene affront to the passion, desire and  vulnerable heart.”


Heavy tropical rains, thunderous crescendo of sounds.

 I lie in my bed tangled in thoughts of loneliness

matched with my primal surrender to my deep feelings moored in affection.

Subterranean currents of need camouflaged for discovery in fluid grace.

April 17, 2015    Carlene Greenlee


My silent tears, the only warmth felt as my strangled sobs are contained

by  my pressed hand and coiled fingers, as though the little Dutch boy holding back the dam has given me lessons


My voice inflates with hesitant squeaky melancholy

before the pure rushes of air like bellows creates a visceral sound

of abject sorrow that gathers momentum

the hot spittle lubricates the sound, careening off the sheared canyons of my voice

A soliloquy of solace.

August 8, 2016. Carlene Greenlee

[Please note:  If any of you would like to contribute a poem to this page, please let me know by leaving a comment below….  I’d be happy to hear from you.]

Picture credit:  Broken Heart by Suzanne Schroeder via Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]
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