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Sculptor Auguste Rodin contended, “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”

This poem was born after I attended a formative meeting for a new support group for professional residential property managers.  My frustration level was high and I was NOT in a good mood…especially when one outspoken know-it-all felt moved to tell us her Very Important Point over and over again.  It was, of course, a point that many of us also-experienced folks already knew.

The woman just went on and on.  (Sigh!)  Maybe she thought she was helping.  Maybe she should have done a survey or something.   The funny part was that this one was a relative newbie in a room full of people who had been in the business for decades.   Her “revelation” wasn’t much of anything.

The incident reminded me of one very telling comment by an old mentor:  “You’ve got two ears.  You’ve got one mouth.  Try to use them in those proportions.”

The meeting also reminded me that I no longer have the patience that is needed to be a part of a group – any group.  Soon I’m going to become a hermit, I am thinking.  However, with this one, I figured that anything that I can use to make a poem is not necessarily a waste of my time….


 I can’t do it…not again.

The trauma-drama worlds

Of this one’s shoulds

And that one’s don’ts

Are distracting now.


I am on a mission,

Looking for a way to get this stupid thing

(That I’ve spent all of this time cobbling together)

To fly.

The Millenium Falcon’s gonna ride again

If I can only get this dumb launchpad built.


What do I care about the spazzings

Of yet another control-freak

Who insists the earth has to quake and tremble

When they speak?

Do I care if they cry?


The joys of listening to other people’s dreamings

Have gotten thin.

Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I have heard all the same stories

Out of different mouths one time too many.


“Get away from me, kid…

Ya bother me!”

Oh, dear…

I’m turning into W. C. Fields now! 


by Netta Kanoho

Picture credit: by Dineshraj Goomany via Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]

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