Here’s another free-form poem by guest poet James Ray.  It was posted on his site, WAR INC, in July, 2019.  He says he wrote it while he was having his Semi repaired on a very quiet and clear night.

“I looked up at the stars, as I’ve been known to do, and wished (not for the first time) that I did it with someone who could answer this question for me.  All the easy questions of why and where here, but that one slips away time and time again.

 “My soul, why is it here? What now? I dream to meet someone to dream and answer it with….
Souls are eternal but not all knowing

What of my soul?

For the love of a tree. For the love of a branch. For the affection of the air. For the warmth of the ocean. For the touch of Terra firma.

I live for none of these things. I live because biology fills my lungs, oxygenates my blood. The electricity of my body chemistry powers my heart. The seemingly random flashes of my synapses activate my brain.

What of my soul? What does my soul live for? Why would anyone care? I can live without it. Many do. I can run from one thing to another in a never-ending attempt of validation. Many have. I can curse my existence and snuff out those who have found their souls. Many will.

What of my soul? What purpose should it have? Who should give it to me? What do I do if I choose the wrong? How shall I heal it if injured? How shall I grow it, for it to gain strength?

Stand with me on this warm summer night, as i gaze up at the stars and sky. Leave me not alone to ponder this quest on my own. I cannot love man for man does not love me. I cannot be affectionate with Earth because Earth precedes me. I cannot be comfort to the creatures of the wild. For they are not of my kind. I can not love me for I am man.

Sit with me as I gaze of the Stars. The birthplace for which I yearn to return. Speak for me on my behalf to all the creators. Besiege on my behalf, “Hear him for he has pondered long.” Creators! Cosmic occurrence! Singularity! Give to me the answer that I watch for. Or give to me proper question to ask. For a thing as small as mercy, surely do not leave me here alone with my question.

Travel with me part ways on my Odyssey. Only the final Journey should be journeyed alone. Break bread with me, make every morsel meaningful. Witness the scent with me, enhance my senses. And in the end comfort me and be an anchor from this world to the next.

What of my soul? What is enough? What must I do. On this warm summer night gazing the stars and moon. Sing me a song of few words. Hum me a melody of few notes. Give me a friendship of love, more than I deserve.

For the love of a tree for the love of me. For as far as I can see. For as much as I can be. Sit with me on warm grass, twinkling sky, half shone Moon, on warm summer’s night. And tell me what of my soul.

Header Photo credit:  “Starry Night Scene Looking West” by Russ Seidel via Flickr [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Cool, James….

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8 thoughts on “SOUL QUESTION

  1. Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie) says:

    Thank you for sharing the thoughts of the great poet Ray about the issue of the soul. 

    Truly the soul is the amazing part of the human beings that we cannot fully understand.  However, it is actively involved in our daily life. 

    How good and rewarding it will be if we can understand what our souls are saying and to have the courage to go by the direction the soul leads.

    1. Welcome back, Debbie and thanks for sharing your thoughts.  

      Myself, I tend to just listen to my heart.  I have the feeling that my soul is just sitting there  on top of my head watching in amazement at the dumb stuff I’m always getting into (and out of).   I’m not sure I’m ready for that old thing to start talking at me.   It’d throw me off my stride, probably.  (Hee!)

      Please do come again.

  2. What of my soul? What does my soul live for? Why would anyone care? 

    These questions got to me while I was reading this poem. Indeed these are soul questions. I was a bit curious though as to if this beautiful piece was written based on a past life experience? 

    Thanks for sharing this with us 

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Layefa2.  I’m sure James would be pleased by your reaction to his poem.  

      I have no idea whether the piece was based on a past life experience.  Maybe, if James is looking in, he can answer the question.

      Please do come again….

    2. Lol yes Netta I’m always lurking about. (Insert sinister laughter)

      These questions that I ask myself of my soul and purpose are questions I’ve asked myself throughout my past, always in my present, and I’m sure I will ask them well into my future.

      On that particular night I thought, amused, how wonderful it would be if someone else helped me find the answers.

      I’ve always believed that with or without the help, it’s when you think you’re sure of the answer you’re never further from the truth. It’s a lifelong search. So the search goes on.

      Thank you all for your comments. I hope you all have happy searching.

      1. Lovely! Thanks for the response, James!

        I do agree that the search goes on…probably ’cause we don’t recognize the answer when we stumble over it. (Sigh!)

        Keep on, my bruddah! Keep on visiting. You are always welcome.

  3. Samikingss says:

    I Love poetry a lot. I did some poetry way back in my days in school and it was beautiful. 

    I still have fond memories of those days when I take my time to construct a beautiful write up and present it to my girlfriend in school back then for her approval. She used to love them. She was good too. 

    This poetry is beautiful but in my opinion it lacks depth. It should be more personal but this one is out there. In all, you did well and with time you may become a world famous poet. 

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Samikingss.  This poem is one created by a guest poet, James Ray, who submitted it through the “Guest Poet Portal” on my site.  I am sure James will be interested in your reaction to it.

      I do appreciate the works of other poets and I like to include them in my blog as more ways of human thinking-feeling-being.  We are all such marvelously creative sorts, I think, and I like celebrating that.

      If you would like to submit a poem of your own making that has great meaning and mana for you, I do invite you to send one in using the Portal.  Here’s the link:

      Please do come again. 

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