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  1. glimmerandgloss says:

    The way you have portrayed a glimpse of the books is amazing! And it seems that you have a very strong perspective which comes across beautifully in your article.

    One of my favorite reads has been “THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT”, so far.

    What other books make it to your top reads?

    1. Hey Tayebba:

      Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I do appreciate it. 

      Most of my posts in this thing are sparked by some book or other.  (I read a lot and probably think too much.)  The books that have a multiplicity of ideas to look at and ponder tend to be featured in the “Fan Notes and Review” section under the “Life Notes” drop-down menu.  Here’s the link:  https://lifebuiltpoems.com/cat

      You may want to explore those.

      Please do come again….

  2. delroaustria says:

    I was fascinated by the information I read in your article.

    THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT book is also enticing to read.

    These are all fresh idea for me that I need to comprehend and explore. You give me a reason to improve myself and understand the importance of time and energy in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

    1. Hey Del…

      Thanks for your visit and your comments.  I’m glad the post was helpful to you.  

      Please do come again.

  3. What a nice poem reflecting our life situation. Will give that book a try. Have you heard of this guy name Brendon Burchard, he is a business coach. I really like him cause he teaches you to release the inner energy that you did not know you have. The guy is so positive and makes me want to try harder and be more positive with my life. Check him out he is everywhere. 🙂 

    1. Welcome back, Nuttanee.  Thank you for your visit.  I hope you’ll like THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT.

      I do enjoy Brendon Burchard.  He shares good thoughts!

      Please do come again….

  4. Chris Anyomi says:

    The physical manifestation of joy in us is the result of internal happiness that can only be generated by energy within,that is the built up of emotions which stimulate the psyche to act accordingly. The environmental source of satisfaction might play a role in human mind to show emotional balance that is push to build up energy that transform and manifest outwardly. 

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Chris.

      I think I agree that “the environmental source of satisfaction” (by which I think you are saying “where we are in the world”) does influence our ability to find the emotional balance we need to store up the inner power we can use to play well.  

      I suppose that is one reason why it is so very difficult to move away from a place you love.

      Please do come again.

  5. Hello Netta,

    Nice article you’ve  written here. I always thought that management of time was going to give me better productivity each day. I’ve not been thought about management of energy before.

    I would love to read the book, the power of full engagement yo help me learn new things to increase my productivity level.

    Can I get an e copy of the book?

    1. Thanks for your visit, Louis.  I’m glad you feel the book, THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT, might help you learn new things.  There’s a Kindle version available from Amazon.

      Please do come again….

  6. The part that really stands out for me in this article is, 

    “It’s all about the energy”

    Its very true about your own inner energy and I have realized this later when in the gym. Even though I can lift heavy weights, when I go to the gym after a bad day or when I am mentally drained but ok physically I can never lift as much as I could when I am happier or having a good day mentally positive.

    This is how I related to this part of the post as it does not matter how much physical energy you have if you have no inner energy you cannot be as productive. 

    This is the first time I have seen a written piece on my thoughts of late so I am happy to have come across this interesting post.

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your experience, Darren.  I do appreciate it.  

      I’m glad the post validates your own thoughts about managing inner energy.  

      Please do come again….

  7. This makes total sense when you think about it.We are all about time management and it’s the energy within us that makes the difference.

    We really do need to recondition ourselves with things that matter most and help us to get the most out of life.I must say that “I keep dancing” is an interesting poem that gives real meaning.

    I have to print this out and put it on the wall. It’s very insightful!Do you think this book can really help others to change best to adapt a better vision of their lives?

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Rob.  I’m especially pleased that you like my poem.

      THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT has certainly clarified a lot of my own thinking about how I am moving in the world and the authors have worked with hundreds of clients to help them reach incredible-to-me goals.  

      I do recommend giving it a look.  

      Please to come again.

  8. Nice poem. One can actually relate it to life generally and that’s deep. It relates to love, pain and passion, in short, anything that has to do with emotion. Excellent, I guess am gonna do a lot of dancing around your website. I have been looking for a poem site, and I think this is it. If you don’t mind, am gonna go share this with few friends. 

    1. Ayodeji, I do thank you for the visit and for sharing your thoughts. 

      I’d be very pleased if you shared the LIFE-BUILT POEMS:  Living Out Loud site with your friends!

      The site is an expansion of my poems, which are based on the lessons I’ve learned from many life-experiences — my own and those of my heart-friends.  

      I find that writing poetry does help to distill and clarify all those mad-monkey thoughts running around in my head.  Maybe it’s a thing that could help others as well. 

      Please do come again….

  9. Kehinde Segun says:

    Nice written up. I was really impressed about the way you portraited your intro. It is was quite remarkable and emotional

    The management skill is really what I needed to change everything about on how to properly managed my time, highlight my goal, find time my self and do well in my life so I’ll find happiness within me.  But all these can’t be achieved without any form of energy put in for. 

    So Energy is key!!  Nice book.THE POWER OF FULL ENGAGEMENT is gonna make way in to my book shelf. Thank you for this.

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Kehinde.

      I’m glad you found the post helpful.  

      Please do come again.

  10. Autofreak says:

    Strength, endurance, flexibility and resilience, when they are put together, can produce super amazing human. What live within us is extraordinary compared to what is outside of us. Unfortunately, we pay attention to things that are out of our control.Tony Schwartz is a great expert in field of self discovery and human development.

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Autofreak.  I do appreciate it.

      I agree that Tony Schwartz is certainly thought-provoking!

      Please do come again….

  11. 207Connie says:

    Bravo! Your post is uplifting and a breath of fresh air. You have touched base on the energies we are to connect too. You describe going-through-the-motions by society takes us nowhere. You write we find within ourselves. this book “the power of full engagement” looks worth looking into. Maybe when we are in the moment, that  is where time doesn’t. You wrote It’s Energy Management

    1. Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts, 207Connie.  I do appreciate it.

      It is a truth, I think, that (as you say), time isn’t all that important when we’re “in the moment.”  Getting there is a fun sort of exploration, I think.

      Please do come again.

  12. Christine says:

    That is so true. It’s not about time management, it’s about energy management. Good point!

    We keep on dancing, even if your moves are not synchronized with mine, you’re dancing just as strongly. Sharing energy, bringing energy over to each other. We are all energy forms. 

    Dance to the song that is just you … I love that! I needed to read that today. 

    Your article and your poem are encouraging to me, and I think they’ll do the same for many others 🙂 

    1. Christine, thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I am so pleased you found the post helpful.

      Please do come again.

  13. This is a beautiful article!  This is something I feel I would tell people who are like myself, and practice ceremonial magick to reach individual enlightenment.  

    It’s interesting that you bring up the ideas of the ancients and how they felt there were four major components of human beings.   

    I’m curious if you think the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, could somehow fit into this idea?

    1. Jessie, thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.

      As a poet, I am taken by the ancient concepts and symbolisms embedded in the four elements (and one more — space — that is also a part of it all).  They make marvelous metaphors.  

      In life, I am noticing that the elements describe the World we humans inhabit.  The elements and the interactions between them help us understand what we are seeing happening in the world around us.  

      They are especially important in energy management, I think, since the elements help us suss out the flow of events and energies around us.  A good move, badly timed, is a wasted move, my kung fu teacher used to say.

      The problem is, of course, that the world and the actions of flow are way, way bigger than one human’s comprehension or understanding.  (Also the durned thing keeps moving around and morphing.)  

      All we can do is the best we can do, I say.

      Please do come again.

  14. Anthony Hu says:

    Thank you for your post. It is inspirational. I particularly like your thought on flexibility.

    Everything should be flexible. Like the universe surrounding us, everything is consistently changing and flexible. Human being has no exceptional. Physically, our body has a broad range of motion.  Emotionally our brain is born and trained to reflect all kinds of scenery freely and appropriately. Spiritually, our mind has the ability to tolerate values and beliefs that are different from our own.

    It is a wonderful world around us. Flexibility brings beauty to our world. It is kind of you sharing this nice thought with us.

    1. Anthony, thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.

      I love your thought that “flexibility brings beauty to our world.”  I do agree.

      Please do come again.

  15. Mugalu Mansoor says:

    It has been a pleasure for me reading this article because it has been very interesting, 

    By this article I have got to know how to manage my time so as to achieve the best but all in all to produce and maintain my energy so as to get whatever goal I set.

    Really I have enjoyed reading.  Thanks.

    1. Mansoor, thanks for your visit.  I am pleased that you enjoyed the post and that you found it helpful.

      Please do come again

  16. Jontae Smith says:

    Nurture Your Lively makes me want to know how. The way you title your post is really cool. You immediately let readers know they are human and that you are as well with the way you write to us. I said ” us ” because I will be following you now. 

    This particular post is packed with valuable information about the topic. I learned some things from this post and I’m sure that is always your aim. Great job. You do thorough research and point readers where they need to be. 

    Not Sure which keywords or search terms one would put in to find these amazing post but once discovered you will for sure gain a subscriber. 

    Do you use SEO/keywords when writing a post? 

    It almost seems like you don’t do this for income. I do see that you have a well established website so maybe SEO is not that important. 

    This is my second time visiting your site and I gained something each visit so thank you for that. Have a great day.

    1. Jontae, thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts and questions.

      Since my topics are as varied as humans are varied, I think you’d probably get me if you search for “lifebuilt poems.com” or “Netta Kanoho.”  

      Also, there should be a “follow” share button somewhere on the blog.  Hit that and it’ll take you to where you can sign up to get the thing delivered to you.

      As a blogger, I do use SEO and keywords and I am trying to get better at it, but the topics (and my own Ho’o-cycle construct) dictate how the silly things get read by the search engines and how they’re presented to the searchers.  I am technologically challenged, but so are many of my readers.  It like to think it works anyhow.

      Monetizing this thing has become a secondary goal to me right now.  I’m busy trying to get it to good, you see.  

      The blog actually began as an expansion of my poetry-writing and my IPS (Inner Peace Symptoms) play.  I hope to eventually put together books and things using it as a springboard.  

      Meanwhile the blog is a way to get feedback from folks who are interested in the same sorts of things I like so I can get a better idea of how I am actually doing with this thing — whether other folks find that my offerings make sense for them and so on.  

      (Here’s me, standing on a soapbox.)  

      I think it’s become another one of my “practices.” Like most of what I do, it helps me to understand and explore more deeply how to build more mana (inherent power) and meaning in my own life.  And that is always a good thing.

      Please do come again.

      I continue,

      Netta Kanoho, RS
      Property Manager

  17. Thank you for sharing this information. “All In” is what I call “Full Engagement”, so I guess you can say I’m familiar with this mindset.

    Being familiar with the topic doesn’t mean I have mastered Full Engagement. To be honest the whole “energy thing” is what I’ve been lacking or using wrong to get me there.

    This really helped me. Thank you so much and have a great day.

    1. Welcome back, Jontae. I am so pleased that the post was a help to you.

      I know that very often those of us who read all these self-help books start to sling around the jargon without really knowing (and feeling) what they mean. It’s one thing to know what you’re supposed to be doing in your head. It’s a bunch harder to get your body to get with the program. Your heart is the one that really gives you the extra boost of energy, I’m finding….

      Please do come again.

  18. Motivation from the outside can only do so much before it merely becomes a form of coercion! A strong and genuine internal motivation is certainly important for living a life that is conducive to freedom, dynamic action, and ability to be honest with oneself. All of this contributes to maintaining peace. 

    This article raises some interesting points about not only gaining understanding of one’s personal energy system, it’s default limitations, but also how to most efficiently operate within it’s innate constraints (or even learning how to grow it to another level)!

    1. Dbrae, I appreciate the thoughts you’ve shared after your visit.  I am glad the post spoke to you.

      Please do come again.

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