Thoughts and creative works of other people are very much welcome here.  Any style of poetry is appreciated, but as with every creative space, there are a few caveats and filters.  These are listed below the submission form.  I do hope we can work together to make this a successful collaborative effort that pleases you..

Guest Poet Submission Form
Your email will not be shared. It is needed so we can communicate.
The poem must be your own work that moves you and holds special meaning for you. Submission implies your permission for us to use it for the Guest Poet section of Life-Built We promise to treat it with respect....
Life-Built Poems are poems grown by living life. The stories behind them provide insights into your thoughts and feelings as you made the poem and gives us an opportunity to connect.
  • The poem must be work made by the guest poet.
    • If the copyright notice is important to you, please include it.
    • If the work has been previously published, please make a note of that as well.
  • Every featured poem must have meaning and mana (personal power) for the guest poet.
    • We readers want to know any part of the back-story you want to tell — who you are, what inspired you to write the poem and/or how it was made.  We especially want to know why it is a special part of you.
    • I will use your own words to tell the back story in the post.
  • Please submit only one  poem at a time.
    • We are aiming for displaying the piece in a fancy-pants art gallery and not sticking it into the middle of a jumble-sale.
  • My posts have header images that are relevant to the content.  I will look for an appropriate image for your poem unless you have one that you own and would like to use.  Please let me know if you do.  These images have to be your own and not somebody else’s copyrighted material.
  • My own preference are for poems that stand alone — just plain words on a page, with no fancy fonts or background pictures added.
    • This is a personal preference and it is not negotiable.
    • Pyrotechnics are not a substitute for the power of the words is my thought.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have your own website or have published your own books, please tell me and I’ll include the information in the post.  If you include a link to your website, I’ll share that as well.

Please make sure the poem is as you want it when you submit it.   Rounds of revisions of the poem or the back-story and fancy-dancing trying to decide which picture would be “better” are not part of the deal.  I get irritable and that’s not good for the people around me.

Oh…and one other thing:  All comments and responses in this creative space are moderated, and trolls, hecklers, and wanna-be Thought-Police officers will be discouraged and even actively ignored.  Stomping on somebody else’s heart is not okay.

Please come play.  Be welcome….