Wide Garcia is a co-founder of the Maui Live Poets Society and is the fearless leader of our group who meets in the Makawao Library on the third Wednesday of every month. He had this to say about this poem he wanted to share:

“I watched a woman in Lahaina raking leaves, and the wind kept blowing the leaves back.  It made me think how automatic she was being and perhaps attached to busyness.  After this thought became my first line, I later saw a man mowing just half of the lawn  at Lahaina Library Park. I discovered that the lawn was half owned and operated by Maui County and the half owned and operated by the State of Hawaii.  It reminded me that humans complicate things and cause waste. All the divisions in society that hide hunger and starvation while we destroy fruit.

“Hence; the poem ‘Leaves in the Wind.’ ”


She rakes leaves in the wind

He mows half the lawn

The other half is owned

By someone else

Whose trees

Whose pre-ripened fruits

Have been wasted

By safety pruning.


These trees

Divide the lawn

Bordered by concrete

Walkways and walls

So that the starving children

Cannot be seen

Or can see

The wasted fruit

And the woman

Who rakes leaves in the wind


By Wide Garcia © 2016

picture credit:  via Facebook (with owner’s permission)


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6 thoughts on “LEAVES IN THE WIND

  1. Very nice! The content is relevant to the theme. Life Built Poems lets the reader know that these are all poems based on personal experience and the observations and perspectives of the writer. How wonderful to have a place to share such a beautiful and much seemingly lost art form. I have book marked it for future reading.

    1. Thanks Daniece, for the visit and the comment…. Please come again.

  2. Advent Voice says:

    This is indeed a great blog. advertising social networks is a great way to get people involved who use such media as a means to communicate.
    Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Hey Advent Voice…thanks for the visit and the comment. Please come again!

  3. There are a lot of man-made walls. And these walls divide us. They make us think differently. And they even distort our appreciation of the world around us.

    Once our mind is affected by these distortions it is natural that our behavior will follow the path our mind accepted. It’s time to wake up!

    1. I love your take on Wide’s poem, Ann.  I do believe it’s true.  Walls are so very easy to build and even when they’re invisible ones, they do affect how we move and how we see things.

      Thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  Please do come again….

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