The following poems are by Audrey Love, a strong-willed and independent Upcountry Maui woman who is making her own way through the world.   She is what Hawaiians call a “tita.”

A tita stands up strong for what she believes.  She will do as she chooses how she chooses because she chooses.  She does not feel a need to explain herself.  She takes the blows that come her way and, if she falls, she will stand back up…again and again and again.  She is indomitable (and darned near unsinkable.)

Audrey’s poems are untitled and are straight shots from a loving heart.   I do like them….

The first one, she says, arose from an important question she wanted to ask all of the people who were passing judgment on her:  What do you see?   The second poem came, Audrey says,  “when I fell in love.”

Will anyone ever see my heart

Or see the tears I cry?

Will anyone see the hurt

Or bother to even ask why?


Will anyone know I can love?

Will they see inside of me?

Or will no one know I exist

And see just what they see?


Will anyone know I am gentle?

Will anyone know I am kind?

Will anyone look inside of me

And see what there is to find?


Is anyone even concerned?

Does anyone really care?

Does anyone really give a shit

As long as I am there?


Will anyone know how it is

Or how it’ll really be?

Will anyone take the time

To really take a look at me?

© 2016, Audrey Love


Like the bright blazing morning sun

You’ve brought tons of sunshine into my life.


Like the delicious honey from buzzing busy bees

You’ve bought sweetness to my difficult day.


Like an extremely strong-minded professional

You’ve built courage and confidence in myself.


Like a gentle yet firm hug that says, “You’re special”

You’ve brought warmth into my life.


Like true-spoken tender words of wisdom

You’ve brought believing into my world.


I love you, oh, so very much.

Thank you for being a beautiful part of my life.

© 2016, Audrey Love

Picture credit:  “Heart” by seyed mostafa zamani via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

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  • the back-story for the poem — what inspired you or how you made it or whatever you want to tell about it, and
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8 thoughts on “AUDREY’S POEMS

  1. Hi Tita,
    I love your poetry. I could feel your emotions all the way to Serbia (Eastern Europe).
    You are so kind and sweet lady. And I love the meaning of ”Tita”. Thanks for sharing that 🙂
    This is actually the first time I’ve found a webpage like yours.
    I’d love to share some poem when I write it.
    Best of luck and much love to you Tita 🙂


    1. Hey Sunny:

      Thank you for your visit and your comments. I’ll share them with my guest poet, Audrey. When you’re ready to share a poem that is yours, please let me know. I look forward to it. Please come again….

  2. Martinus Kevin K says:

    Your poem was good… yes we can’t understand the roller coaster without falling in love. Once we feel that, we’ll understand… really dark, feel like a blind person and insecure before the one we liked stand beside us.

    When remembering the day when I was still at school, I always saw that Poet was cool… I see their intonation to each word made me feel like I’m at the world that they tell us.

    Just wondering how people a long time ago (when poem still be admired by many people) reacted to those poems. Are they seeing it as entertaining or inspiration… Lately I’ve just seen it like just a boring entertaining instead inspiration… just because we can found so many songs, poem, or similar art piece on youtube, facebook, social media (easy to be found)

    1. Hey Martinus:

      Thanks for your visit and your comments. I’ll share them with Audrey. My own feeling is that many poems are just entertainment unless there’s heart in them. Please come again….

  3. Your poems are soul-touching, I was reading and getting deep and it came to the end. Hahaha! Honestly, they are very emotional. It sent me back to my 16 to 20 yrs of age.

    I love Audrey’s Poem. Is Audrey Love called Tita or TItO? What does that really mean?

    1. Thanks for your visit and your comments, jobs. 

      Audrey is a tita, which is a Hawaiian pidgin rendering of the word “sister.”  If it is pronounced with a long, drawn-out ‘i’ (as if the word were spelled TEEE-tah), it means a really tough, independently minded woman — one whose “bad side” you REALLY don’t want to meet. 

      And, yeah…the woman really is like that.

      I’ll share your comment with her.

      Please do come again.

  4. Emmanuel Emmato says:

    Your poem is really emotional, Poetry helps us remove this emotional pain, and here’s how: we bring it out of ourselves we deal with all the emotions we’re feeling we find relief and peace.

    Writing poetry benefits those who are struggling to heal from a recent emotional episode and need a hand to do it successfully.                                                                                                        

    1. Emmanuel, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Audrey’s poems.  I’ll be sure to share them with her. 

      I do agree that feeling our feelings and bringing them up and out is part of the process of healing.  If you tamp them down, they just keep coming back up, trying to escape, it seems to me.

      The other thing writing poetry is good for is celebrating Life-Its-Own-Self, which is another kind of healing, it seems to me.

      Please do come again.

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