Another IPS (Inner Peace Symptom):  an understanding that when you can recognize your inner fullness, you’ll have the platform on which you can do your best dance.  [Getting to this inner fullness seems to be a lot like Picasso’s quest to paint like a child.  It’s already there in you.  You just have to feel it…and usually that takes a lifetime of trying.]

The world has a way of giving what is demanded of it.  If you are frightened and look for failure and poverty, you will get them no matter how hard you may try to succeed.  Lack of faith, in yourself, in what life will do for you, cuts you off from the good things of the world.  Expect victory and you make victory.  Nowhere is this truer than in business life, where bravery and faith bring both material and spiritual rewards.

That quote is from Preston Bradley an American clergyman, author and lecturer who lived from 1888 to 1983.

And isn’t that a truth?  How many times have you backed off from pursuing an idea because of whatever negativity your own mind generates?

At the time, ducking those negatives was probably the most important thing you listed on your very long to-do list….

Here’s a YouTube video, Excuses and Negativity:  Inspirational Video, put out by Mind Innovation that might help with that.

The certainty that any idea is worthwhile is a fragile thing.  It takes energy, determination and optimism to keep on pushing it forward.

Every time you allow yourself to indulge in ruminating and brooding about all the reasons why something that has never been tried your way before cannot possibly work you are digging deep potholes in the road ahead of you that are going to eat your axle rod and leave you stuck on the side of the road.

Stop it!

The interesting thing in all of this is the aspect of expectations and self-fulfilling prophecies.  What happens if you expect and prophesy abundance surrounding you?  Wouldn’t that be a good experiment to try?

Here’s another poem.  Auwe is a Hawaiian lamentation.  It means “alas.”

PAULELE (Trust in the Creative)

It’s a funny thing about abundance:

It can only grow as large as your trust.

Fear withers trust; dries it out

Until it dies and crumbles away into dust.

Anger shrivels it, burning it to ashes.


The fear that everything you love will slip away, away, away

Tightens your grip and makes you cry,

Makes you holler, “Mine!”

Like some two-year-old, defiant and turbulent,

Caught in a helplessness among the Bigs,

Turns you into an angry ball of resentments and “that’s-not-fair!”

Devoid of hope, desolated by “Don’t-wanna!” and “No, no, no!”


The fear and the anger become a dike of stone

And the Creative cannot flow,

Cannot go over it,

Cannot go around it…

So it sinks down and down,

It goes underground where it can keep on flowing.

“You lose, you lose, you lose” echoes through your head

Drowning out your inner truth which never shouts…only whispers.

(Half the time you can’t hear it anyway

Because of all the static in your head.)


The world’s a harsh and scary place then,

And the people who love you cry, hurting for you,

But you can’t hear them above the howling of the wind

And hugging all your life-bits to yourself just doesn’t help

Because they are, after all, subject to entropy and tend to fall apart.


Auwe, auwe, auwe!


Redemption comes when you can let go of the fear and let go of the anger

And feel again the Universe enfolding you.

Trust grows then…trust in your self,

Trust in your inner truth,

Trust in the people who love you.

The obdurate stone develops fissures and the Creative,

That underground river, starts welling up, pushing through the cracks.


Trust sprouts.

Trust feeds.

Trust grows until the desolation turns verdant

And the world can bloom.

By Netta Kanoho

Picture credit:  Maui sunrise by Derek via Flickr [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]



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24 thoughts on “ABUNDANCE THINKING

  1. Matt's Mom says:

    I have to say that I am one of those people that doesn’t back off from something because of what others or saying, or because of negativity surrounding it. I guess, I go by my own impression. Never been able to follow in another’s footsteps…for the most part. I learned a while ago, that if I want to be happy then it is up to me to be happy and to do the things I want to do. Maybe that is why I am still single :/

    1. Hey Leahrae:

      Welcome back! We Hawaiians call a strong-willed independent woman a “tita.” I come from a long line of them, forces of nature all. It is a GOOD thing.

      I just posted poems from a guest poet who is also a tita. I explain what a tita is in it. You might find it interesting. The link is: http://lifebuiltpoems.com/audreys-poems/

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Please do come again!

  2. Hari S Nair says:

    It is true, whenever we are about to do something that will change our lives our fears will come to haunt us, this is what makes it difficult for people to receive what the universe is always giving. There is an abundant supply which is ever ready to give us whatever we ask but we need to have faith in ourselves to feel the fear and proceed anyway.

    Self fulfilling prophesies whether it is positive or negative is always a result of our expectations. We need to be very alert of what we accept because it is of no good use to ask for sunshine and expect clouds.

    “Trust sprouts.
    Trust feeds.
    Trust grows until the desolation turns verdant
    And the world can bloom.”

    Loved those lines..we need to learn how to trust, especially in ourselves than anything else.

    Awesome work Netta!

    1. Hey Hari:

      Thank you for your visit and your thoughts. I love your “it is no good use to ask for sunshine and expect clouds.” Another truth!

      Please do come again….

  3. This article reminds me of a story that was told about Benjamin Franklin. The day a letter was sent home to his mom and she conveys it to her son that He is a Genius and that the schools don’t have the facilities to teach him, so she will home school him from now on. Several years later, Benjamin found that letter and read it,” Your son is retarded and will not amount to anything, we can not handle him anymore.” Talk about positive reinforcement. Thank you for this article, I hope this story adds to it.

    1. Hey Nathan:

      Thanks for the visit and for sharing the Ben Franklin story. It’s a truth, that. People are very likely to fulfill other people’s expectations of them. (And when your expectations of your own self are low, it really becomes an uphill battle to go against them. Best to set your expectations high, I say.)

      I appreciate the story. Please do come again….

  4. I’ve backed off doing something because of my own negativity or self doubt a fair number of times. It’s something that’s really hard to overcome because if you’re like me you’re always filled with new ideas. It’s almost as if I skip from thinking about one thing to the next to the next…

    Now of course this is something I’m trying to overcome because I’m what’s holding me back and I know that. But it seems there’s always a new excuse, which normally boils down to “I don’t have enough time”.

    I’d say I’m in the phase of redemption, of overcoming the fear of failure and as I slowly do that I’ll start seeing some positive changes in my life!

    Thanks for this thought provoking article.

    1. You go, Josh!  It’s a wonderful feeling to be seeing yourself pushing past your fears.  I’m glad the post helped with that.  

      Please do come again….

  5. The New Conservative Wave says:

    This is a great post. I like how you put in the video. Many do not think to do that. I don’t see many websites dedicated to poems. The post seems to have a positive mindset to it. A negative mindset will never get you anywhere. I definitely agree with that.

    1. Hmmm.  (Do I call you “Wave”?) . 

      Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I agree.  Negative mindsets just make mudholes.  Yuck!

      Please do come again….

  6. Nice how it leaves you with an optimistic feel at the end. No time for doubts, go for your goals.
    I feel like the overall concept of the poem is represented in the statement:
    “Do or don’t, there is no trying”, If you’ve decided upon something then go
    for it full-force and let nothing divert you from your goals.
    Do your best and take a calculated risk.

    1. Faheem, thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  (I, too, have a fondness for Master Yoda!)  

      It’s a funny thing.  Once your decision is clear and set, it gets a lot easier doing the moves.

      Please do come again….

  7. Happy Skywalker says:

    Letting go of fear and anger, and choosing hope can change your emotional landscape, and effect your experience of life. BUT I think it’s an oversimplification and falsity to say that the external world will reward you for optimism or deliver you what you fear. Do entire groups subjected to genocide all individually fear such a thing will happen? Did children taken into sex slavery create the situation through low self esteem? Did confident, capable, optimistic black entrepreneurs living in American slavery fail to believe in themselves hard enough to become free men and pursue their dreams? No. The power of hope is internal, and only solves or creates internal problems. External barriers stay as they were. And that’s why Abundance Thinking appears to work for people with societal privilege. 

    1. Thanks for your visit and for sharing your thoughts, Skywalker.  I do appreciate it.

      I do agree with you that very often there is nothing that can be done to control or even mitigate the often heavy-duty external circumstances that can stop you cold and make you dead.  Poverty and other people’s power moves and societal and cultural ills and even gnarly weather are givens that need to be circumvented as best as we are able and often we lose.  

      Little us.  Big world.  ‘As how, as my aunties were wont to say.

      Limited options do mean very limited or truncated lives, I do agree.  But even then, there are the ones who make it despite all of those obstacles.  And often, it is hope that takes them (or, more likely, their descendants) there.  

      But, this post is not about that reality.  This one’s about the things you CAN control — your internal landscapes that stops you when other things don’t.

      “Societal privilege” is also a given, Skywalker.  We play the cards we’re dealt as best as we can and, perhaps, we try to help others along the way as well.  

      My thoughts, anyway.

      Please do come again….

  8. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the poem. I think it’s very useful nowadays to add as much positivity or helping others think about it as often as possible. I believe that we are the key of our future (and of the present of our life naturally as it is the future of our past). How we are thinking and feeling, will be represented in our life in each field, of course in business life too. The best could be if people could stop for a while now and then and just enjoy life as there are so many wonders in it! Do you think that first we should love and trust ourselves to be able to love and trust others and everything surrounding us?

    1. Agnes, thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I agree with them, of course.

      Loving and trusting our own selves makes it easier to trust and love others, I think.  You can learn to do both at the same time.  In fact, I’ve found they sort of feed on each other…just as distrusting and hatred tends to feed off each other as well.  

      Often, what you see in the world does depend on what you believe.  At least, that’s the way it has always worked for me.

      Please do come again.

  9. I feel this one is huge. So many of us get caught up in this. This thinking that ‘it couldn’t possibly work’ or we just get overwhelmed by fear ‘what if I can’t do this’. I personally recall this happening to me once I quit my cushy day job to pursue a passion for affiliate marketing. I essentially had everything there, really safe environment and everything, and I’m certain I wouldn’t ever be laid off. However, I feel there was no purpose in that anymore, thus, I had to leave.

    And paradoxically enough, that was the moment I personally started to struggle with an abundance thinking. I never had problems with it before. This was mostly because I was not completely certain I can make it online (cause nothing is for certain, right?). Just before leaving I had no doubts. Once I left those doubts pretty much overwhelmed me.

    Been reading books on optimism and going through articles like yours ever since to try to keep my mind straight and focused on the goal.

    Thank you, Cheers, And Have a Great One!


    1. Matiss, thank you for the visit and for sharing your story.  I think you’re right.  When you take the first step and start heading for your dream, the doubts start and they build and they never really leave you alone.  Working through the fears and putting one foot in front of the other through it all takes a great effort.

      Good fortune on your journey, dude.

      Please do come again….

  10. I heartily enjoyed the message of this article. I believe that in a sense our minds are wired to create negativity around anything that is new. Anything that maybe pushes you out of your comfort zone, anything that is scary or never has been done in a way automatically creates fear. Purely because our brains are wired to keep us safe. To ensure our survival. While this may have been useful 5000 years ago, it’s not in the modern day and age. 

    I really like that mind-shift approach you’re offering. Moving from ‘I can never do this’ to ‘I expect abundance surrounding me’. I believe it’s really powerful.

    “Lack of faith, in yourself, in what life will do for you, cuts you off from the good things of the world. Expect victory and you make victory.” – I believe no truer words have ever been spoken.

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    1. Rasa, thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I’m glad the post spoke to you.

      You’re right, you know.  We are hardwired for survival and new things very often trip the fear-wire that is designed to help us stay safe…and bored out of our heads!  Faith and noticing the abundance that surrounds and supports you goes a long way to help us keep moving towards living our own life our best way.

      Please do come again.

  11. Parameter says:

    Anger and fear are two killers I have learned to move away from. They will not lift you up but tear you down. 

    But trust in your innermost being to achieve any task and trust in people around you. Trust is the easiest way to build faith and love. I learned this and it has been my pillar for succesd

    1. Parameter, thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.  I do appreciate it.

      Please do come again.

  12. Too many people don’t succeed in life merely because they don’t really try. People sometimes fear shooting towards their goals due to fear from past failures. However, just about everybody who has achieved their dreams in life has had previous failures. 

    There are also people who don’t make a serious goal out of their dreams because they don’t believe success is possible. 

    There’s a quote from Henry Ford that goes, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, cpascal.  I do agree with you.

      Please do come again.

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