ABLE TO RESPOND: Another IPS (Inner Peace Symptom)

ABLE TO RESPOND: Another IPS (Inner Peace Symptom)

Another IPS (Inner Peace Symptom):  an understanding that “responsibility” is just another word for “being able to respond.”  [Screaming at the top of your lungs is one response, but it isn’t the only one….]

This lovely little two-minute clip “Taking Ownership” by Sarang Yande makes a point we often forget:  When one person (even a very little person) accepts ownership of a problem, amazing things can happen….

As Nathaniel Branden points out, in his book TAKING RESPONSIBILITY:  Self-Reliance and the Accountable Life, “If something is wrong, the question to ask ourselves is:  “Are there actions I can take to improve or correct the situation?”  (The emphasis is mine.)

It may be only a little thing that you personally can do, but those little things are often pivotal if you’re aiming to live a life with meaning and mana.

The alternative to taking ownership of a problem is illustrated by this You-Tube video “Stuck on an Escalator – Take Action” posted by Motivating Success….


Here’s a poem:


And life goes on…

Whatever is happening

Does a slow and stately dance,

Flowing like dark molasses, heavy and dense,

Or else it tumbles like some hip-hopping crew

Zit-zack-zuck, whizzing by,

All the many, many parts

Zooming, on the fly.


Me, I’m just one little bit –

A ‘one’, a ‘zero’, a spectator, really –

Trying (in my way) to see

The whole meshugennah thang,

Trying to go for the grace,

Step-step-stepping lightly,

Looking for the beauty,

And helping other people play.


I can just do little things:

Lend a hand when I can,

Do the small move that evokes a quiet smile,

Turn on the teeny maglight

And shine it on the path,

Turn one small key that opens one more little lock.


And I’ve been thinking…

Maybe that can be a cool thing.

By Netta Kanoho

Picture credit:  Road to Hana by Paul Bica via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

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8 thoughts on “ABLE TO RESPOND: Another IPS (Inner Peace Symptom)

  1. These two juxtaposed videos make a wonderful point! The small boy taking responsibility and inspiring those around him brought tears to my eyes. The two people “trapped” on the escalator in the second was hilarious and thought provoking – a great combination! Your intertwining of insightful, entertaining videos; thoughtful prose; and down-to-earth poetry are a winning trio! I also like the name of your site. It introduces the content nicely.

    1. Thank you for your visit and your comments, Jennifer. I do appreciate them. Please do come again!

  2. Rori O'Hara says:

    Your site speaks to my Higher, Idealistic Self. We all need to pay attention to our business’s sustainability, such that it promotes individual greatness and the greater good by helping people add value to the world, whether it be their own business or in working for another’s.
    We make a mistake when we give a hand out that only leads to dependency or resentment. A hand up allows people to sustain their own lives by adding value to others’ lives. Your suggested read, Banker to the Poor, is a great example of this! Thanks for your informative site!

    1. Hey Rori: Thanks for the visit and your comments. I do appreciate them. Please come again!

  3. This is really an enlightening post! These two videos perfectly show how the size of a problem really is a matter or subjective perspective rather than an objective element. You see these every day. People with huge health or financial problem who carry on and try to live life to the fullest no matter what and people without any actual severe issues getting upset (if not totally stuck) because of minor issues. And the poem is also great, thanks a lot for posting it.

    1. Hey Horatius…

      Thanks for the visit and the comments. Please do come again!

  4. You are right!!!!!!!! In any situation, we need to ask ourselves what we can do to improve a situation, or look at our own attitudes. Sometimes that is easier said than done. It isn’t always easy for us to look at ourselves or to admit that we could be the cause of the problem. However, if we just focus on ourselves and what we are doing and our attitudes, then we better ensure that our life will have meaning and filled with less “problems”. Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Welcome back, VHayes2. I do appreciate your visit and comments. Please do come again!

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