Another IPS (Inner Peace Symptom):  a tendency to notice and appreciate many joys.  [Obsessing on and holding tightly to one kind of joy kills it.  If you notice and appreciate many joys, then your days just fill up with them.]

I think I have to agree with Henri Matisse, who said, “Ever since there have been men, man has given himself over to too little joy.  That alone, my brothers, is our original sin.  I should believe only a God who understands how to dance.

I want my art and my poetry to evoke joyousness.  I want it to stand there sparkling at you, inviting you to come join the dance.

The world is so very heavy with sorrow and grief.  So many people stand around shaking their heads and bending their necks.  Their mouths frown and their tears are enough to drown your heart.

Can’t we just hold hands and tell each other warm and funny things and laugh and laugh and laugh?  Can’t we jump around and do a jig and spin until we get all dizzy and fall down to the ground all pleased with each other?

Sad is always with us, that’s true.  But, really, there is also so much joy.

Sometimes when I am not able to come up with any kind of theme for a poem, I’ll start “journal-diving,” reviewing notes I’ve made in old journals from years past and see what I was thinking on back in the day. 

This poem is a result of one of those journal-diving sessions:



This is my promise to me:
I WILL get back to the laughter
(I do like it best of all) –
The only balm that really works
To ease the ouch of another fall.

I’ve always kept my promises;
This one’s got guarantees…
Laughter is the key that unfetters
All the joyous energies.

I will get back to the laughter
Despite despond and despair.
(I’ve done this one before.
I know ’bout treading air.)

That brightness is waiting dormant,
Just waiting for the shout.
Ghastly shadows turn and flee
When I can send laughter spiraling out and out.

Laughter – big and wild and full –
Shields me from the slings-and-arrows,
Punches through the doom-and-gloom,
Navigates the narrows.

Laughter grows me wings
And launches me high.
I can swoop and dip and spiral
Into the deepest sky.

I WILL get back to the laughter
And when I do – don’tcha know –
I’ll look around at all the Is,
Get myself past all the Was,
Beat my wings right on through into What Can Be….

Shoots!  We go!

by Netta Kanoho

Picture credit:  Jumping Silhouettes by Antoine Gady via Flickr [CC BY-ND 2.0]



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14 thoughts on “A VOTE FOR JOY

  1. I love the music and the poem. If only we could all get back to the laughter. The world has become a rather scary place with all the bad things going on. More warm and fuzzy things would be nice. And yes, laughter is still the best medicine.

    1. Hey Carol:

      Thank you for the visit and your comments. My own thought is that the world has always been a scary place. It is an awesome thing that we have each other and that we can walk each other home…. Please, do come again!

  2. I have always loved poetry and I really liked your poem. I particularly liked the second last verse because that is how poetry makes me feel. Do you find that the words rise up and demand to be written? I have written quite a lot of poems and stories and I have always found it hard to explain how it wasn’t something I chose to do. It was more something that chose me. Is this how you feel too?

    1. Hey Margaret: Thanks for your visit and your comments. Often it is the words that want to come out and play and I am just having to step aside and let them. It is a very cool space to be in. Please do come again…

      Also, if you are of a mind, would you care to share a poem that you have written which has deep meaning for you? Please let me know. We can talk story about it…

  3. flowstash says:

    Awesome poetry.

    “Laughter – big and wild and full –
    Shields me from the slings-and-arrows,
    Punches through the doom-and-gloom,
    Navigates the narrows.”


    I totally dig the whole poem. So creative. I write like this sometimes too. And I must say who ever wrote it got some talent. Wink wink.

    I agree that laughter is everything.

    Yes it would be cool to have a national holiday where everybody dances and spins around. Nothing but music and flash mobs all day. We’ll call is “Spirit Day” or “Freedom day.” IDK lol what do you think we should name it?

    BTW I love flash mobs. I hope maybe someday I can participate in huge flash mob.

    1. Hey flowstash…

      Thanks for your visit and your comments.  Love the idea for a “Spirit Day” or “Freedom Day.”  Hee!

      Please do come again….

  4. Hi Netta, what a lovely reminder to include some joy in our lives every day. I really enjoyed the video of the orchestra, how inspiring to bring music to everyone and you could see it on the faces of young and old. A very pretty poem to cleanse the heart for another day.

    Greatly appreciated.

    1. Lily, thanks for the visit.  I am so pleased that you enjoyed the post.

      Please come again….

  5. Alex Chivers says:

    What a lovely post. This is great and I found the post and the video very helpful! So I will be bookmarking this post. 

    Where you said, “I want my art and my poetry to evoke joyousness.  I want it to stand there sparkling at you, inviting you to come join the dance.” 

    Really got me wanting to read more, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the visit and for your kind words, Alex.  I do appreciate them.

      Please do come again.

  6. Wow, I would not have guessed that quote to be from Henri Matisse, who I know primarily through his paintings. I do like his quote about a God who knows how to dance, as the joy from dancing seems about as pure as a joyful experience can be!

    Thanks for sharing the results of your journal diving! Happy travels!

    1. I know, right?  Matisse rocks!  

      Please do come again….

  7. In this day and age, could really use one to feel that joy again, and that’s just okay if I am sounding like an unjoyful person. That goes to show we need more of that.

    I could agree way back in my 30s that joining art stuff and poetry or joining dances are cool, and definitely Creative!

    The focus on laughter as a way to navigate tough stuff is great. Laughter growing wings? That’s a beautiful image. A symbolism of freedom? 

    1. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts, Raymond.  I am so glad you found the post helpful.

      As my silly-ass cousins would say, “Laugh, my tita!  No going kill you!”  (In fact, it probably saves your life.)

      Please do come again.

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